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Simulation and training across devices and formats. We develop, adapt, and improve your training materials and documentation, and turn them into hands-on, interactive applications, accelerating knowledge transfer, evaluating performance, and reducing error rates.


Manufacturing visual assistance during production. We build custom applications that provide employees with real-time, hands-free guidelines for several processes. Our AR applications place sensor output, feedback, and tracks task completion and throughput.

Remote Technical Support

Make video calls directly to and from your AR lenses. Experts can now look through your employees’ eyes and provide step-by-step instructions real-time from anywhere in the world, while keeping your employees hands-free and focused.


Get operation metrics, analytics and insights on your procedures and daily operations. Track training and performance data automatically to get suggestions on potential improvements. Identify bottlenecks, optimize storage configurations, and visualize individual employee strengths.

About Us

Beacon Hill VR provides virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions for technical support, manufacturing process assistance, and training. Our solutions help your employees get the job done faster and more accurately, by providing them with step-by-step instructions, immediate remote access to expert technical support, and goal-oriented training..

Meet Our Team

The group of engineers, scientists, and industry experts that make this possible
Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez


Alfredo Gonzalez is an entrepreneur with four successful startups under his belt and over 12 years of business experience. He has raised over $1,000,000 in capital.

Arturo Navarro

Arturo Navarro


Arturo has over 23 years of industry experience across several managerial positions in processes such as molding, manufacturing, and maintenance. Formerly an R&D divisional manager for Lear, he now leads innovation at BHVR.

Alex Rayon

Alex Rayon

Lead AR/VR Developer

Alex holds a Masters in Computer Science. He has developed VR applications for the past five years. His prior experience include the Army research Labs, White Sands Missile Range. His work has been showcased in Seattle and Tokyo.

Laura Rodriguez

Laura Rodriguez

UI/UX & Testing

Laura holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. Her experience is in training and simulation with virtual reality. She specializes in human-computer interaction and has worked for Lockheed Martin / Leidos, and NASA.

Diego Aguirre

Diego Aguirre

AI & Machine Learning

Diego Aguirre is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. His research involves deep learning, computer vision and cloud computing, natural language processing and reinforcement learning . Diego has collaborated with IBM, NASA, and Google.

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